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Wet Look  100ml
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Tahe Wet Look Gel


What it is:

A Wet Look medium hold gel, to sculpt or style hair.


What it does:

As a gel creates a Wet Look that lasts all day long. At the same time, Wet Look can be used to define curls, sculpt waves, and details a haircut without weighing it down, but with flexible hold. Using Wet Look for blow drying, it provides hair with body, volume, shine and elasticity. With a long lasting medium hold.


How it is used:

After shampooing, apply on damp hair, a small amount on desired areas. Comb through for a correct distribution. On dry hair, apply and style as desired.


When it is used:

After shampooing hair, apply wet look leaving hair ready to sculpt into desired shape. Due to its moisturizing benefits, it can be used daily, even on dry hair.



After applying gel to create a Wet Look, and once it is dry, simply brush out hair to obtain movement, body and shine. It leaves hair without residues and free of static electricity. By using Wet Look for blow drying, it leaves hair polished, shiny, with body and movement and, at the same time, protects and moisturizes hair.



Marine keratin

Hydrolized of soy proteins

All purpose gel



Reconstructs and moisturizes hair

Provides elasticity, body and strength to hair

To blow dry, diffuser dry, roller set and blast dry. To sculpt and define, etc.


Recommended for:

• All types of customers with any type of hair who look for a flexible, full and natural look.

• For men it is ideal as a medium hold gel, free of residues.



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