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Hydrotex Porosity Regul 250ml
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Tahe Hydrotex Porosity Regulator


What it is:

A spray-on humectant lotion that protects hair and regulates its porosity. Using it before and during any chemical process such as tinting, perming, curl relaxing, it notably improves final result.


What it does:

Due to its rich composition of moisturizing and reconstructing agents together with vegetable extracts of Aloe Vera, Ginkgo Biloba, Sage, Lemon and Marigold, Hidrotex is ideal to apply on porous areas of hair that will undergo chemical processes such as perms, tints, curl relaxers, tone on tone, etc…

It also equalizes porosity from roots to ends to obtain uniformity of colour, curl or relaxed hair, etc…

Detangles hair during chemical services leaving it smooth and hydrated. Finally, Hidrotex can be used as a spray-on conditioner for porous hair that usually gets tangled easily. Ideal for children.


How it is used:

• Oxidation colours (tint, demi, etc.): Once process time for roots has finalized, spray on mid-lengths and ends of hair, detangling hair and thoroughly distributing the product. Then apply the colourant on top and leave it to process the necessary time.

• Perm: Spray Hidrotex all over hair before, during and after winding. Next, proceed to apply perm liquid.

• Curl relaxer: Before applying curl relaxing cream or liquid on hair, spray Hidrotex all over hair detangling it and thoroughly combing through from roots to ends.


When it is used:

Always use it during chemical processes to protect and notably improve the final result of tints, perms, highlights and curl relaxers.

It can be used daily by children as a leave-in conditioner.



It is the ideal product for chemical services. Perfect colour from roots to ends with perms. Defined curls with maximum elasticity. Polished and vigorous curl relaxed hair.

Protection and hydration of hair.



Ginseng vegetable complex of Gingko Biloba, sage, lemon and chamomile

Quaternary agents

Provitamin B5

U.V. filter



Moisturizers, toners and stimulants.

Highly compatible with hair, thoroughly hydrating and with added protection

Capillary protector

Protects against sun damaging effects


Recommended for:

• Chemical services (tints, perms, curl relaxers…).

• Leave-in conditioner for kids.



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